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The Kickstart walking device is a powerful, easy-to-use clinical tool to 'kickstart' new functional gains and return individuals to a lifestyle empowered by a recovery to walking.

Kickstart is an easy-to-use neurorehabilitation device designed to accelerate walking recovery and functional improvements following a stroke, spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions.



Supported by a wearable structure that provides stability, Kickstart's core technology is a patented, bio-inspired Exotendon™ that works like an artificial tendon to assist proper leg advancement and amplify the user's ability to walk.

Enhance training capacity and gait mechanics

Engage users in higher intensity therapy

Maximize therapy endurance and task repetitions to stimulate improved motor learning


Kickstart is intended for use by individuals presenting with weakness in the lower extremity resulting from a neurological injury or condition.


It can be introduced across ability levels, from users who are unable to fully weight bear to those who walk independently but require gait refinement.


Clinicians can utilize Kickstart with individuals who have the ability to maintain trunk control and have:


  • Difficulty advancing the impaired limb(s) or maintaining a proper step-through gait pattern

  • Poor endurance for walking and standing

  • Difficulty with proper weight bearing and weight shifting

  • Gait compensations such as circumduction or vaulting


White papers and case studies

Contact a rep, request a information packet or schedule a product demo for your clinic.

Meet the Kickstart community.

How It Works
Clinical Integration
Home and Community
What it is

Beyond the clinical setting, Kickstart can be prescribed for personal use to promote a continued recovery to walking in the home and community.


  • Sustain the positive outcomes achieved during therapy

  • Improve mobility and the ability to perform daily living activities

  • Gait training at home, or in home therapy


Clinicians can introduce Kickstart into therapy protocols in both inpatient and outpatient clinical settings to more rapidly achieve improvements in ambulatory status. 


Kickstart is designed to fit seamlessly into your current therapeutic programs.


  • Adjust for each user in less than five minutes with no tools

  • Accomodates bilateral or unilateral configuration

  • Compatible with harness systems and treadmills

  • Variable assist levels to meet individual needs

Kickstart is incorporated to accelerate progress in the user's current therapeutic activities and to permit the clinician to have an extra set of hands to focus on specific clinical challenges.


Use of Kickstart can be initated throughout the recovery spectrum:


  • Stable weight bearing and weight shifting exercises

  • Gait training in parallel bars

  • Walking with less therapist assistance

  • Higher level therapy activities (stairs, ramps, obstacles)



Contact a rep, request a information packet or schedule a product demo for your clinic.


White papers and case studies

White Paper: Improving mobility for neurological patients with Kickstart


Kickstart facilitates efficient, proper walking motions via its Exotendon technology. The Exotendon is bio-inspired and functions like an artificial tendon to store and release energy throughout the gait cycle, providing users with added stability, swing assistance and guidance for proper gait mechanics.


Energy is stored in the Exotendon when the leg is extended and the Exotendon is stretched. When the user shifts their weight to the opposing leg, the stored energy is returned to initiate swing.

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