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You can get started with your own Kickstart today.

Kickstart can help you walk again.

Kickstart is for individuals who have difficulty walking as a result of a neurological condition such as stroke, spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis, particularly due to:


  • Weakness in one or both legs

  • Difficulty swinging the leg or clearing the foot when stepping

  • Incorrect gait habits such as circumduction, step-to gait, hip hiking or vaulting

  • Hip flexor weakness

  • Lack of walking endurance, stability or control

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Get your own Kickstart, customized specifically for you.

Free evaluations are available for users and clinicians, so you can get started at no cost to you.

Kickstart is covered by Medicare and other insurance.

Kickstart is reimbursable by Medicare, VA and many private insurance providers when medically necessary. Standard co-pays apply.

How do I get my own Kickstart?

Get started today by contacting us to learn about Kickstart providers near you. We can also answer questions about walking evaluations or work with your current healthcare providers to help start the conversation.


Please note that the availability of providers and evaluations varies based on location.


Our customer care representatives are available during our standard business hours of 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time.

(877) 484-7513

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