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For the first time, there's a simple, effective device that gives you the endurance and stability to walk on your own.

Kickstart is a wearable rehabilitation device designed to help you regain walking ability and accelerate functional improvements, both in daily life and in physical therapy.

stroke survivor walks with kickstart

Who is Kickstart for?

If you’re recovering from a stroke, spinal cord injury, or have a neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis and need help to maintain your mobility, Kickstart is made specifically to help you walk again and rediscover a more independent lifestyle.

Use Kickstart to:


  • Enable walking and improved independence, at home and in the community

  • Enhance endurance, balance and control for walking and standing

  • Guide correct gait patterns and reduce compensations

  • Improve stability and alignment

Kickstart's revolutionary approach:

a gentle spring in your step.

Supported by a lightweight and comfortable structure that stabilizes the hip and leg, Kickstart's core technology is the Exotendon™ that actively assists leg movement and amplifies your ability to take each step properly.


The Exotendon provides a spring-based assist that gently lifts and swings your leg through each step without electronic stimulation. With added guidance for proper walking motions, each step you take with Kickstart also helps you gain confidence and control.

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