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Donna Jang

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Donna had a stroke twenty years ago and couldn't walk more than a block at a time until she found Kickstart.  Watch her walk and talk about how Kickstart has allowed her to regain her freedom after years of relying on a Segway for mobility.


"Kickstart has really changed my life.  I used to be kind of sedentary because I was trying to save myself from that hip replacement operation that I'm hoping I'm not going to have to have now.  So now I do three days a week adaptive PE, two days a week of OT clinic, and now I got my husband to commit to ballroom dancing."


"I used to have to use a Segway to get anywhere that was going to have to walk further than a block.  And if I did any kind of walking at all, I had so much pain that I had to take a couple of naproxin.  So now I can go anywhere, I can walk most anywhere, and I can walk around the house without a cane - most of the time actually.  And I'm more stable when I stand up."

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